Typical village rebuilt in Medieval Style, with hand-crafted shops, Povera Arte objects, in wrought-iron and antique furniture, frames, hand-embroidered fabrics. The park can be visited with expert guides in ornithology for a pleasant walk in the nature.


The Castle

It has a quadrangular map with towers on four corners, two cylindrical and two square. Built with stone and bricks, the alternation of two materials has been used for decoration with the alternation of stripes and the use of profiles in cotto tile and stone-bottomed. The building form three sides of the complex, the fourth is closed by a crenellated massive wall. The entrance was allowed by a lift bridge, of which there are some traces, and over it the still existing moat.


The village

During the first years of the Twentieth Century Giuseppe Visconti of Modrone took care of its restoration and enlarged the attached area of the castle, building from scratch a little village in Neo-Gothic and Renaissance style. Probably the only ancient building in addition to the castle, it is the little church dedicated to Saint Anna, a private chapel of a family from XVII century.


The park

The big park surrounding the castle measures about 150.000 m2, and hosts: the little church, the Duke’s Study, the panoramic viewpoint stretching out to the rivulet Grazzano, the labyrinth, the Italian garden and different examples of centenary trees. Through guided visits organized by Pro-loco (organization of local people) the park can now be visited with a fee during certain periods of the year. Today it is a tourist destination, the village hosts hand-crafted shops, restaurants, it is animated by historical celebrations and costumed functions.


The Ghost

What hovers around Grazzano Visconti, and moves around the park and the castle is the ghost of a dame with the name rich of poetry: Aloisa. Aloisa’s story has been passed on by people’s stories, who has always respected her presence and the memory of her sad destiny:

Aloisa, a captain’s bride, was betrayed by her husband, and died of jealousy and of pain. Since then, her spirit wanders around these places. One day Aloisa’s spirit showed herself to the Duke Giuseppe, who was a medium, and guided his hand, in order to sketch her portrait: the woman with rounded shapes, not very tall with her arms folded has been represented in different statues of Grazzano Visconti, it is her, Aloisa. She is not a hostile spirit, on the contrary. As all the humans, she asks for love and a smile, and sais “I am Aloisa, and I bring love to the Beautiful women who give a smile to Grazzano Visconti”.


During the years she has become the procuress of lovers, and many visitors offer flowers and little gifts to her, in order to console her, because she did not have luck in love.



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