Rivalta Castle is a majestic fortified complex located within Gazzola district in Piacenza Province. Set on a steep scarp overlooking the bank of the river Trebbia, has a moderate altitude, but it allows a large view on the bed of gravel of the river and of the countryside.

The village of Rivalta is a fortified complex composed of, in addition to shops and houses:


The tower

It has a quadrangular planimetry, with an inside courtyard surrounded by a double order of loggias. In a corner a cylindric tower stands out against a little tower built in a particular manner, it is the characteristic element of the complex, being completely different from the other towers of Piacenza area. In the second half of XV century the architect Guiniforte Solari from Milan changed the structure, in order to adapt it to the rising artillery, and transformed the residence, adding the tower, the hall of honor, 25 mt long, and the elegant porticoed courtyard. The reshuffle from the eighteenth-century are the big stairs and the façade, which brings in the triangular tympanum the sign Svevo Sanguine Laeta. The halls have frescoes by Paolo Borroni from Voghera and by Filippo Comerio in 1780. It hosts the permanent Museum of military costume and the Parish Museum.


Saint Martino Church

It is a building from fifteenth-century with a ceiling made of truss, decorations in cotto tile, and pictures of Ferrante from Bologna are shown.


The park

From the eighteenth-century, with centenary trees, it surrounds the castle, and isolates the annexed buildings.


The Ghost

As a Castle worthy of its name, also the Rivalta Castle has its own ghost, even two. One is Pietro Zanardi Landi, murdered for rivalry on the inheritance, and it seems he persecuted the fraudulent heirs until 1890, and came back when an unaware heir stopped at the castle. The other ghost is the chef Giuseppe, killed in the eighteenth-century for vengeance by the butler to whom he made an attempt on his wife, he reveals himself switching off the lights and moving the objects.



The castle is a part of the circuit of the Castles of Parma and Piacenza Duchy, and it can be visited from February to November during non-working days and during the other dates through booking. The village hosts private houses, restaurants and taverns.



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